The farm Nuweland has been in the hands of the Louw family for four generations. It is situated approximately 7km ouside Malmesbury, off the R315, en route to Darling.

The winery was establish by Juan Louw (Jnr) in 2007. After completing his studies at the Cape Tecnikon, Juan gained experience working numerous vintages in California and New Zealand and five different regions in South Africa. To date Juan is the only winemaker in South Africa who fortifies sun-dried grapes. Nuweland produces the following wines: Nuweland Sauvignon Blanc, Haasbek Tinta Barocca, Juan II (the second), Makstok Pinotage, 18 Mei Grenache, Gesuierde Sauvignon Blanc and Bosstok Steen. Juan recently made a red blend consisting of 13 cultivars. It will be released in 2013.

The above mentioned wines are available from the Vygevallei Farm Stall, off the R27 West Coast road. The Louw family recently purchased the farm stall. Juan Louw Jnr runs the Wine Shop at the farm stall, where he sells his own wines at cellar door prices as well as wines from other wineries in the Swartland.

Light lunches are served at the restaurant on the premises. The wine on the restaurant menu is available at the same price as in the Wine Shop. A childrens playground, including a touch farm with goats, rabbits, ducks, pigs and peacocks, is available. The Farm Stall and Wine Shop is open 7 days a week. Other local products for sale at the Farm Stall includes cheese, pomegrante juice, olives and olive oil, cakes and curio’s.